Success in this industry is not in finding the right person, but in becoming the right person

~ Mike Dillard

What is YOUR MORE number…
Use the POWER OF MENTUMC and you will get there!

MENTUM​c ​is a collection of three disciplines brought together to serve an industry that needs to help small businesses MORE. There are 28+ million business owners in America and all of them are decision makers. None of them are looking to buy something but most of them are open to strategies that will help them increase their cash flow and the value of their business. They may want ideas to reduce their expenses, positively impact their bottom line, provide them with a value-added benefit or separate them from their competition. Is there a way you can have this kind of an impact for a business owner with proven repeatable results while increasing the sale of your core products?

MENTUM​c was created ​to help the more than 28+ million business owners in America to increase their cash flow, reduce expenses and solve tax problems. Along with ideas to positively impact their bottom line, provide them with a value-added benefit or separate them from their competition.

Is there a way you can have this kind of an impact for a business owner with proven repeatable results while increasing the sale of your core products?

The answer is a resounding YES.

As a Legacy Partner of ​NACFA and working along with CPA’s, Tax Attorneys and other professionals specializing in helping business owners to optimize book value and working with HNW individuals to mitigate tax issues and increase cash flow. Together we provide the education, tools, strategies, and resources for financial professionals to ​‘Become the RIGHT person​’.

MENTUM’s three disciplines focus on: ​1) ​Connecting you with the resources your clients need; 2) Helping you educate them while integrating these tools into your existing business; and 3) Implementing their desired solutions in conjunction with our Legacy Partners and increasing sales of your core services or products. MENTUM ​is ​Your coaching support team and ​Your sales support team.

Finally, we offer a very different approach to marketing. We call it “Connection Marketing” “Connection Marketing” identifies and builds the bridge between your market and your products, or services, with messages to inspire your prospects to want to become your clients.

MENTUM​cm’s’s field-tested results are based on more than 100 years in financial services, sales, and have been used to develop consistent top 5% sale professionals in that industry.

MENTUM​cm’s is your marketing support team for training, coaching, SEO & SEM programs as well as many proprietary programs such as our;

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

~ Peter Drucker

  • D.E.S.I.R.E. ​System which creates definable and repeatable sales excellence practices.
  • The Sales Survival Kit which is a complete process for running a financial services practice. ​
  • Keeping Score Developing your KPI’s
  • Goal Setting that is Achievable
  • Effective Communication
  • 16-week Results Based Sales Performance – our signature program.
    This covers every aspect of prospecting, marketing, and selling including a focus on Connection Marketing, communicating, and
  • Creating Your Own ‘Success Matrix.’

MENTUM​cm’s also offers ​Fractional CMO ​services and can help a firm design, develop, and implement a marketing campaign, train a sales team and/or develop and monitor KPIs.
MENTUM​cm’s’s ​philosophy creates a competitive marketplace advantage and will help your company understand and implement ​The Power of Connection Marketing.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”

~ Albert Einstein

MENTUMem  ​offers 2 core programs; The ​Executive Mind ​ and The ​Entrepreneurial Mind. ​Each of these programs offers educational webinars and one on one meeting opportunities with our consultants and NACFA members and their clients with our team of Legacy Partners around specific problems and solutions related to cash flow, business planning, covering all aspects along the lifecycle of business ownership with critical focus on cash flow and planning issues from business inception to a clearly executed succession plan. liquidity event planning and more.

One of the focuses of The ​Entrepreneurial Mind ​program will be to help business owners avoid the trap of becoming an employee in their own business as opposed to being an entrepreneur and following their vision. The Entrepreneurial Mind will also offer courses and programs for retiring CEOs and business owners.

MENTUM​cf  ​is the Differentiator for Financial Professionals who want to increase their profile within the business and or professional markets they serve, create their own local team of ‘influencers’ while being able to demonstrate how to create, preserve and perpetuate wealth. ​
MENTUM​cf  ​offers a Turnkey marketing opportunity along with a unique suite of strategies that will provide a blueprint to successfully integrate our ​Cash Flow tools into your current business, creating a significant market advantage and increasing the sales of your core products.

Through ​NACFA​’s ​SCFP® ​Certification we provide ongoing monthly training to completely integrate MENTUM​cf ​into your existing business processes, which includes a Website, marketing plan, branding, sales tools, scripting, team building and much more.

What does success using the ​MENTUM​cf tools and processes look like?

  • More ​relationships
  • More ​prospects
  • More ​referrals
  • More ​core business sales
  • More ​revenu
  • More ​media presence that will attract interest.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”

~ Seth Godin

In short, this is a unique value proposition that will differentiate you from your competitors.

All powered by ​C.O.R.E. ​our unique ​a one-of-a-kind ​Back Office Support Team.​ In addition to providing, you with marketing tools driven by analytics and AI our ​Back Office Support Team ​will also provide you with a simple intake form linked to multiple diagnostic tools that fit any type of business and can analyze their operations against a 6,000,000,000 data-lake of information analyzing over 60 different categories of expenses and profitability. You will simply identify potential client opportunities, complete the prospective client introduction form in our system letting our Team know the opportunity you would like us to pursue as well as what core product offering you are looking to present. C.O.R.E. will do all the work, close the Cash Flow opportunities, and set you up with an opportunity for your core business products and services.

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What is YOUR MORE number…
use the POWER of MENTUMc and YOU will get there!

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